Amazon Becomes Even Stronger in Europe with Recent Entrance in Sweden

Amazon Becomes Even Stronger in Europe with Recent Entrance in Sweden

  • is now available to all Swedish consumers
  • An online retailer expanding through difficult times?
  • Amazon investing in more than just e-commerce in Sweden

Sweden becomes Amazon’s newest destination

The world is hardly surprised by the recent announcement that Amazon is now open for business in Sweden, launching The news about Amazon’s Swedish intentions were first heard in 2017 when the online shopping giant shared that they expect to launch their platform in the country by 2018.

Swedish shoppers have expected Amazon’s entrance for long and they’ve relied on other Amazon websites across Europe for online shopping. Today, the country becomes the first in the Nordics with a local Amazon website.

The first day of the company’s operation in Sweden has had its negative turn, following a series of translational problems across the website and product descriptions. Regardless, exciting times are ahead of both for Amazon and for Sweden’s online consumers.

“We are thrilled to launch and to be able to offer Swedish customers a selection of more than 150 million products, including tens of thousands of products from local Swedish businesses,” commented Alex Ootes, VP of EU Expansion at Amazon. “Today is only the start of We will continue to work hard to earn the trust of Swedish customers by growing our product range, ensuring low prices, and providing a convenient and trusted shopping experience” he continued.

Will Amazon suffer from competition disputes?

Tech giants in Europe are receiving a lot of scrutinies and negative publicity related to unfair competition and not being taxed properly. Amazon, in particular, has experience with the European Commission who at the beginning of the year began investigating the company for anti-competitive conduct. The Commission suspected that the online shopping platform had access to sensitive data from its retailers, which potentially did not answer to the competition rules of the European Union.

Amazon was accused of not paying taxes for nearly three-quarters of its business and was ordered to pay back €250 million. The world’s biggest online retailer continues to contest the tax bill today.

Although the consumers of Sweden are most likely thrilled and excited about Amazon’s move into the country, smaller retailers doubt what the future has in store for them considering the new competition on the territory. Even if merchants start selling across Amazon, they risk becoming dependent on the online retailer.

Amazon’s business in Sweden

A local URL, local logistic system, local marketing, and an effort to present everything in Swedish to the locals are all part of the new opening. The company is planning lucrative promotions and free delivery on any order that exceeds SEK229 or $26.

Apart from providing more than 150 million products in 40 categories via its shopping platform, Amazon has other business in Sweden. The company has established its AWS cloud business in Sweden and invested in a wind farm for clean energy in the country.

Sweden is the European Union’s 10th largest economy and it’s only natural that a giant like Amazon taps on this vast potential. With e-commerce growing stronger with the shift towards online shopping due to the spread of COVID-19, the opportunities for the online retailer are infinite.


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