What’s Happening to eBay’s Shares?

The global commerce leader has announced its third-quarter earnings, revealing revenue of $2.6 billion and a growth of 25% per share. The company’s non-GAAP profits were 85 cents per share, also seeing a rise from 62 cents. eBay’s annual active buyers were also reported to increase by 5% reaching 183 million, with a gross merchandise value of $25 billion.

Is Apple Getting Closer to Unveiling Its Own Search Engine?

iPhone users who are using Apple’s newest software, the iOS 14, are now shown Apple’s own and independent search results as opposed to Google’s, as it was before. Three years ago, Apple updated their agreement to keep Google as the search engine that appears by default across their products. However, today, things look differently. Although not a lot of people have yet opened their eyes to the change, something new and world-changing may be under the spotlight.