eCommerce marketing for off-the-scale results

Convert browsers into buyers, and first-time customers into loyal brand advocates. We’re eCom specialists, so we look at the performance of your store at each stage of the funnel, and craft strategies to improve conversion at each point.

More traffic? Check. More buyers? Check. More customer loyalty? Check.

The eCommerce Specialists

Fed Up Of Second-rate Results?

So, you’ve got some great products that should sell like hotcakes…

But you just can’t seem to get them in front of the right people.

There can be many reasons for this, from keyword targeting, to content & search intent mismatch, conversion rate issues, backlink profile problems, a lack of remarketing… The list goes on!

Some also hire a non-specialist digital agency that swallows up the entire budget with no improvement in what actually matters… sales & repeat custom!

Thinkable are eCommerce marketing specialists. We work hard to identify your ideal customer, apply tried & tested strategies, drive qualified traffic to you eCom store, and ensure a solid conversion rate.

We know what works, but we also think outside the box to make your brand stand out. That’s what makes us unique.

Scale Up Fast!

To get the growth you want, you need high-performance strategies with relentless optimisation to hit aggressive conversion targets.

With an experienced eCommerce team on-hand, we provide a complete strategy package. This includes SEO, paid ads, social media, web design, content, inbound marketing, remarketing, data analytics, and CRO.

We also apply rigorous testing, including A/B tests, and performance testing.

Now’s The Time To Grow!

The past couple of years has seen massive growth in eCommerce sales, especially since the Covid outbreak.

Now is the time for your eCommerce website to capitalise.

If you can corner your market, you can grow like never before.

At Thinkable, we understand the art of eCommerce positioning and customer profiling. This means that we can put you head and shoulders above the competition with steady traffic growth and rocketing conversions.

Full eCommerce Digital Marketing

Full, dedicated eCommerce marketing campaigns from £5500 per month

Joined Up eCommerce Strategies

To get the best eCom results, you need a joined-up, integrative strategy across multiple channels, combined with a solid conversion strategy.

We’ll create a strategy that keeps your brand on-point and attention-grabbing across selected channels, enticing customers to your landing page. But we don’t stop there. Some lesser agencies concentrate solely on ads and organic traffic. That’s only half the battle.

At Thinkable, we’ll help to optimise your landing pages, using expert copywriting and content techniques, as well as CRO and A/B testing. Just think – if your conversion rate goes up just a few percent, that can have a huge, positive impact on your sales & ROI.

Drill-down To Your Ideal Customer

If you’re getting lots of traffic, but poor conversions, then it could be that you’re not qualifying your visitors.

In other words, you’re getting the wrong kind of customers landing on your site.

This is something we can help to change. We’ll work with you to build a customer profile (persona), or review existing ones. Next, we target ads, landing pages, offers, and more – to places they will be seen by the people you want, using the messaging THEY want.

Another important step that is often overlooked is hitting the right keywords.

Let’s say you sell designer shoes for ladies. Rather than simply bidding on “designer shoes” we’ll drill down and use a brand you actually sell, something like “Manolo Blahnik shoes” for instance. Although this keyword will have a lower search volume, it will qualify your audience more accurately, be more relevant, convert better, and for paid campaigns, will have a lower cost-per-click.

Full eCommerce Digital Marketing – By The eCom Specialists

As you can see from the rest of the content on this page, there’s a lot that needs to go into eCommerce marketing campaigns if you want to perform well… Which channels will work best, how to convert visitors to buyers (CRO), right through to ensuring you increase the average basket value. And it doesn’t stop with the sale! Enticing buyers to become repeat customers is vital!… It’s a lot to handle in-house.

Why Engage A Specialist eCommerce Agency?

The benefits of using a digital agency are obvious then… You get access to a multi-disciplined team to work across all of these areas, coupled with an account & project manager to keep all running smoothly.


Problems With Non-Specialist  Agencies

… BUT there’s a problem… agencies not dedicated to eCommerce marketing may not be quite as up to date as you think, nor reporting on the correct metrics to measure success.

Why Are eCommerce Agencies Different?

With an eCommerce specialist digital agency, you get the added benefit of:

  • A team that is truly up to date what works for eCommerce
  • Highly specialised knowledge
  • An agency that measures the RIGHT metrics, not just ‘keyword rankings’ and traffic, but also measures, and improves:
    • Conversion rates
    • Sales metrics
    • eCommerce Funnel stage success
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Reviews

eCommerce Inbound Marketing

Specialist eCommerce inbound marketing campaigns from £3500 per month

Why Inbound For eCom?

If you don’t know the real needs of your audience, you’re likely losing sales… you’re leaving money on the table. Without a solid buyer persona, your marketing, unbeknownst to you, will not ‘quite’ be hitting the right spot, so you’ll be missing out on leads & sales… allowing your competitors (if they do it right), to effectively ‘poach’ your customers.


How Could Inbound Work For eCom?

So, what COULD this look like, if done right?
Well, let’s run through an example scenario…

Searching For a Solution

A customer is searching for a solution to their problem (people ‘buy’ solutions to problems, not products).

Unsure what ‘product’ will fix their problem best, they are doing some general searches in Google, or YouTube (we all do it right? ‘Google’ our issues or to see what product will fit our needs?).

They land on a guide on your website, a guide that explains their issue to a ‘T’ – At this stage, you’re already winning them over – they know that you ‘get’ their issues… they read on to see what can help them.

eCommerce Guides Build Trust…

In the guide, you explain their issue a little further, and discuss the possible solutions.

The visitor is now starting to trust you more and more – you’re educating them, and there’s an association building in their mind between your website, and them finding a solution to their problem.

You end with a few product solutions, and also a quick checklist they can download to help them compare their options (they may have to enter their emails for this).

The Right Message at the Right Time

…Boom! You have yourself a new lead in your sales CRM… well done! You can now track what pages on your site their visit, gauge their interest levels, and set-up automated marketing campaigns based on their interaction with your website to help convert them.

Sure, they didn’t convert right away (some will, some won’t), but here’s the thing, not only do they trust you more now, not only are they opted into your (GDPR cleared) mailing list, BUT…

eCommerce Remarketng

Later that evening they are on Facebook whilst watching Netflix (come on… you do it as well, right?!) when they see sponsored ads for the products your guide recommended, with a special 10% off discount code if they act tonight, along with a free accessory for the product!

Well done. You just got not only a sale, but a loyal customer who has, in the space of a few hours, built trust with your brand.

It Doesn’t Stop There, Though!

Three days after their product arrives, they get an email asking how it’s going, if they need any help with the ‘product’ they bought, and a link to a couple of guides.

At the end of the email, it asks them to rate your website from 1 to 5. This takes them to a Google Review form or a Trustpilot form, helping you to get reviews.

Potential For Additional Sales?

If appropriate, a week later, they start to see Facebook ads for related products, accessories that most customers love to go with the ‘product’ they bought from you last week, for example.

Tactics like this:

  • Increase conversions
  • Generate repeat custom
  • Build brand-loyal customers
  • Increase positive reviews


Is This How YOUR eCom Marketing Works?

Does your eCommerce Inbound Marketing look like the scenario above? If so, congrats! You’re doing an AMAZING job! If not? Let’s talk!

Don’t leave money on the table! Let’s have a quick chat.

eCommerce SEO

Not Ranking Well on Google?

Is your eCommerce store not ranking well on Google? If you’re missing out on clicks… you’re missing out on sales!

eCommerce SEO has several quirks and technical considerations that in some ways stand in apart from other site types. For example, a recent survey by, Silkfread, found that 65% of leading eCommerce websites FAILED to have the correct implementation of SEO friendly product pagination, leaving customers (and Google!) frustrated.

Every single website has a different set of technical SEO problems lurking in the background, but they are not always easily found. Technical issues from competing pages to missing canonical tags to incorrectly set up filters can hold your website back from achieving its full potential in the search engines.

Your eCommerce Is Nothing Without The SEO To Back It Up!

You know why you should rank above your competitors, but do the search engines? Without the right pages and the trust signals that show Google why you deserve to be ahead, your products will never be seen by your future customers. In other words, you might as well be playing hide and seek!

You wouldn’t fill a shop with beautiful products, and then border up the windows and expect people to find your products let alone buy them. Just like you wouldn’t have a house without foundations! So why have a website without an SEO strategy?

The SEO strategy acts as the very foundation of your store – holding it up through all weather. And without an SEO strategy, your products won’t be visible, and you certainly won’t be ranking higher than your competitors any time soon.

Great eCommerce SEO is a mix of high-quality on-site content, off-site signals to prove Google can trust you, a sprinkling of technical wizardry and some little secrets we can’t reveal!

It’s basically a free source of high-converting traffic going straight to your website. All the time! But it doesn’t come easily… or overnight. It takes work and expertise.

Need eCommerce SEO?

Without organic traffic, your eCom site WILL be losing sales. With most eCom sites there are often issues that can be corrected and improvements that can be made to yield revenue-boosting results.

Thinkable know eCommerce SEO in & out… from tech SEO to content-based link building. We’re a friendly team, too!

eCommerce CRO

Stop Losing Buyers On The Home Straight!

You’ve got your ideal customers visiting your site.

They’re practically itching to get their credit cards out and buy!

Then, wait a minute… nothing. What the flip just happened?

It doesn’t matter how much your ads are killing it, how well-oiled your SEO is, or how engaging your content marketing is…

If you’re not converting your current traffic, you’re losing sales.  Not only that, but EVERY penny you spend promoting your website is NOT bringing you the results it COULD do. If you don’t have a CRO strategy in place, you’re losing sales!

Get Your Customers Over The Line With CRO

What you need is a good Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy.

CRO is all about getting your visitors to take the final step in the sales journey and make a purchase.

And it takes a well-thought-out and implemented long-term strategy – not just cheap tactics or quick fixes.

Time To Get Your Ducks In A Row…

Take broken pages, for example, they drive customers away and makes Google sad (which makes your eCom business show up LESS in search results).  Good website speed keeps your customers happy and engaged, and it makes Google happy… so they put you HIGHER up in search results! MANY eCommerce sites suffer from poor load times, which can cause a high bounce rate & low conversions… In fact, 90% of shoppers will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in a reasonable time.

CRO mostly comes down to making the website user experience the best it can be, coupled with a powerful inbound marketing strategy.

We have all the experts you need here in the Thinkable team – UX experts, web designers, copywriters, data analytics specialists. Together, we’ll make sure your CRO strategy is maximising your sales potential.

Conquering The Funnel Leaks

All sales funnels have leaks, especially in new campaigns.

Losing a % of your customers throughout your sales funnel is a fact for an eCom store. BUT, that’s not to say you should be happy with the current % of customers you’re losing through funnel leaks.

One of the great things about applying a robust CRO strategy is that you can quickly find and plug them, reducing the number of customers you lose!

Something we’re quite good at! Our team will use data monitoring tools and analytics to identify the drop-offs – for example, high bounce rates on landing pages. We’ll then take the necessary steps to fix the leak – for example, changing the sales copy or adding more persuasive calls to action.

eCommerce PPC

Leave Your Competitors Behind With eCommerce PPC

Why are your PPC campaigns not performing? Feel like you’re spending a lot of money on search ads but they are nowhere close to performing how you expected?

There are many reasons why PPC campaigns fail – and most of them are avoidable. Whether it is lack of knowledge, poor campaign structure, bad ad copy or landing pages… When it comes to eCommerce PPC, you either do it right… or you don’t.

A successful paid marketing campaign is a combination of a structured plan + the right budget and, most importantly, the right expertise. This is the secret formula that helps you to quickly generate leads, produce skyrocket conversion rates and grow your business.

eCommerce Social Media

Accelerate Your eCom Social Media

Social media can be an excellent source of traffic & sales for eCommerce, right? Well, that’s what many say, but often efforts can be wasted, sadly…

If you don’t have a solid strategy, not JUST to expand your reach across the social platforms, but also on how to convert the attention you can gain on social channels into VISITORS and then SALES, what’s the REAL benefit? ‘Likes’ don’t mean profit – in fact, ‘Likes’ don’t even pay the hosting fees, right?!


It’s too easy to spend hours (or pay someone else to) on social media, gain a great following, and have bugger all results in terms of revenue increases!

So, what’s the solution???

Combining brand reach campaigns with a solid strategy in place to make the best of that reach is where it’s at. That could be running contests via social media to benefit traffic or SEO, gaining top of funnel opt-ins to your mailing list (moving social media users onto your ‘owned’ marketing channels), creating & promoting special offers, remarketing tactics, and more

A combined effort is needed for social media to work well, otherwise you risk wasting time & money for ‘vanity metrics’.

eCommerce Digital PR

Digital PR for Online Amplification

Digital PR campaigns can create a buzz, drive traffic, earn media mentions, and generate backlinks of the highest quality.

But how do you generate PR for an eCommerce brand?

Simple! Engage a digital agency that specialists in eCommerce. Our creative PR specialists work with our eCommerce experts on campaign ideation, production, implementation and, of course, promotion!

Boost Search Ranking Through Digital PR

The Google “Brain” thinks in a specific way.

Many SEOs state that the trend over recent years has been a greater focus on brand recognition as a factor in search rankings.

But how can you take advantage of this?

Get it right, and not only will it help with branding and exposure, it’ll also gain the type of links that many SEOs would go crazy for, which can give a GREAT boost to organic SEO + rankings, AND be very hard for competitors to replicate. Does your marketing look like this? If not, why not!

Our way of working!

Step 1  We’ll have a chat to see what exactly you want to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

Step 2 – We’ll create a complete strategy briefing covering your goals and a structured plan of attack to achieve them, engaging our eCommerce specialists, bringing the right people, and ONLY the right people, into your campaign.

Step 3 – Once the project is approved by you, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and implement our game plan!

Step 4 – No, we won’t just send you reports once in a while and disappear. Our dedicated Account manager will be on-hand always to help you!