Why Inbound For eCom?

If you don’t know the real needs of your audience, you’re likely losing sales… you’re leaving money on the table. Without a solid buyer persona, your marketing, unbeknownst to you, will not ‘quite’ be hitting the right spot, so you’ll be missing out on leads & sales… allowing your competitors (if they do it right), to effectively ‘poach’ your customers.


How Could Inbound Work For eCom?

So, what COULD this look like, if done right?
Well, let’s run through an example scenario…

Searching For a Solution

A customer is searching for a solution to their problem (people ‘buy’ solutions to problems, not products).

Unsure what ‘product’ will fix their problem best, they are doing some general searches in Google, or YouTube (we all do it right? ‘Google’ our issues or to see what product will fit our needs?).

They land on a guide on your website, a guide that explains their issue to a ‘T’ – At this stage, you’re already winning them over – they know that you ‘get’ their issues… they read on to see what can help them.

eCommerce Guides Build Trust…

In the guide, you explain their issue a little further, and discuss the possible solutions.

The visitor is now starting to trust you more and more – you’re educating them, and there’s an association building in their mind between your website, and them finding a solution to their problem.

You end with a few product solutions, and also a quick checklist they can download to help them compare their options (they may have to enter their emails for this).

The Right Message at the Right Time

…Boom! You have yourself a new lead in your sales CRM… well done! You can now track what pages on your site their visit, gauge their interest levels, and set-up automated marketing campaigns based on their interaction with your website to help convert them.

Sure, they didn’t convert right away (some will, some won’t), but here’s the thing, not only do they trust you more now, not only are they opted into your (GDPR cleared) mailing list, BUT…

eCommerce Remarketng

Later that evening they are on Facebook whilst watching Netflix (come on… you do it as well, right?!) when they see sponsored ads for the products your guide recommended, with a special 10% off discount code if they act tonight, along with a free accessory for the product!

Well done. You just got not only a sale, but a loyal customer who has, in the space of a few hours, built trust with your brand.

It Doesn’t Stop There, Though!

Three days after their product arrives, they get an email asking how it’s going, if they need any help with the ‘product’ they bought, and a link to a couple of guides.

At the end of the email, it asks them to rate your website from 1 to 5. This takes them to a Google Review form or a Trustpilot form, helping you to get reviews.

Potential For Additional Sales?

If appropriate, a week later, they start to see Facebook ads for related products, accessories that most customers love to go with the ‘product’ they bought from you last week, for example.

Tactics like this:

  • Increase conversions
  • Generate repeat custom
  • Build brand-loyal customers
  • Increase positive reviews


Is This How YOUR eCom Marketing Works?

Does your eCommerce Inbound Marketing look like the scenario above? If so, congrats! You’re doing an AMAZING job! If not? Let’s talk!

Don’t leave money on the table! Let’s have a quick chat.

Our way of working!

Step 1  We’ll have a chat to see what exactly you want to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

Step 2 – We’ll create a complete strategy briefing covering your goals and a structured plan of attack to achieve them, engaging our eCommerce specialists, bringing the right people, and ONLY the right people, into your campaign.

Step 3 – Once the project is approved by you, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and implement our game plan!

Step 4 – No, we won’t just send you reports once in a while and disappear. Our dedicated Account manager will be on-hand always to help you!