Not Ranking Well on Google?

Is your eCommerce store not ranking well on Google? If you’re missing out on clicks… you’re missing out on sales!

eCommerce SEO has several quirks and technical considerations that in some ways stand in apart from other site types. For example, a recent survey by, Silkfread, found that 65% of leading eCommerce websites FAILED to have the correct implementation of SEO friendly product pagination, leaving customers (and Google!) frustrated.

Every single website has a different set of technical SEO problems lurking in the background, but they are not always easily found. Technical issues from competing pages to missing canonical tags to incorrectly set up filters can hold your website back from achieving its full potential in the search engines.

Your eCommerce Is Nothing Without The SEO To Back It Up!

You know why you should rank above your competitors, but do the search engines? Without the right pages and the trust signals that show Google why you deserve to be ahead, your products will never be seen by your future customers. In other words, you might as well be playing hide and seek!

You wouldn’t fill a shop with beautiful products, and then border up the windows and expect people to find your products let alone buy them. Just like you wouldn’t have a house without foundations! So why have a website without an SEO strategy?

SEO Strategy is The Core…

The SEO strategy acts as the very foundation of your store – holding it up through all weather. And without an SEO strategy, your products won’t be visible, and you certainly won’t be ranking higher than your competitors any time soon. Tactics without strategy are inefficient.

Great eCommerce SEO is a mix of high-quality on-site content, off-site signals to prove Google can trust you, a sprinkling of technical wizardry and some little secrets we can’t reveal!

It’s basically a free source of high-converting traffic going straight to your website. All the time! But it doesn’t come easily… or overnight. It takes work and expertise.

eCommerce SEO Can Be Technical

Let’s face it, SEO can be complex with any website… however there are nuances with eCom sites that are quite specific. These include (but are deffo not limited to!):

  • Duplicate product URLs across multiple categories
  • Pagination issues (you know rel=”next” isn’t supported by Google anymore… right?)
  • Canonical issues
  • Faceted navigation woes…

… The list goes on! Our tech SEO folks can help though… say the word!

Need eCommerce SEO?

Without organic traffic, your eCom site WILL be losing sales. With most eCom sites there are often issues that can be corrected and improvements that can be made to yield revenue-boosting results.

Thinkable know eCommerce SEO in & out… from tech SEO to content-based link building. We’re a friendly team, too!

Our way of working!

Step 1  We’ll have a chat to see what exactly you want to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

Step 2 – We’ll create a complete strategy briefing covering your goals and a structured plan of attack to achieve them, engaging our eCommerce specialists, bringing the right people, and ONLY the right people, into your campaign.

Step 3 – Once the project is approved by you, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and implement our game plan!

Step 4 – No, we won’t just send you reports once in a while and disappear. Our dedicated Account manager will be on-hand always to help you!