Style AND Substance…

The problem with Woocommerce is that while it makes it really easy to build a great-looking eCommerce site, many people find that their conversion rates stay stubbornly low.

Why is that?

Style over substance. That’s what most Woocommerce sites suffer from. The themes look great, but the design isn’t user-friendly. There are some shockingly bad UX examples out there.

Poor UX = Low conversion rates.

To get the best results you need a creative theme that fits your brand, finely-tuned tech, and advanced analytics.

Got The “Woo-woes”???

Maybe your site suffers from slow page loading times? Perhaps the checkout stalls during busy periods?

Or are you getting payment errors, product mislabeling, and other typical Woo-related issues?

You’re almost certainly missing out on sales AND damaging your online store reputation at the same time.

Not good.

Thankfully, there is a solution…

Turn Average Into Awesome!

Don’t settle for ‘cheap-as-chips’ Woocommerce themes. You’ll suffer from slow loading, UX issues, and ultimately, poor conversions.

We can help you move your online store up a gear.

Here at Thinkable we have design and tech talent that can help you skyrocket your conversion rates. CRO is our middle name!

We can code themes from scratch, not just out-of-the-box designs that some ‘agencies’ use. We can mould your site to fit your brand and stand out from the crowd.

We’ll also enhance the UX for your customers, ensuring that all Woo’s functions and features work nicely with any add-ons, and the whole customer journey flows perfectly.

How it works...

Step 1: Our experienced Account Manager discusses the design requirements with you and our Thinkable folks. We’re very used to working with WordPress & Woo, in fact, OUR site is WordPress based. We have workflows in place to ensure a great result.

Step 2: A Woo brief is created covering branding needs, brand guidelines, style info, as well as the essentials of the project. This brief gets signed off by you before we proceed.

Step 3: Once approved, our creative guys start on your Woo web design in Photoshop and collaborate at all stages with our technical Woo CRO and tech SEO staff, and of course with the Account Manager.

With this approach, excellent UX & tech SEO is ‘built-in’ to our bespoke Woo designs.

This ensures stunning, client delighting Woo web design combined with excellent technical & creative CRO and SEO… and fast load times.

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