You’re eCommerce website is losing sales and leaving money on the table with the customers you do get…

Unless you already have an eCRM & marketing automation tool to help you:

  • Convert visitors into sales
  • Tailor & personalise your marketing to suit your audience and their actions
  • Track what converts, and attribute sales boosts to the correct marketing efforts

The above, and more, is what HubSpot can do for your eCommerce site – when it’s set-up correctly, that is!

eCommerce For Hubspot

If you’re searching about HubSpot for eCommerce, it’s because you know about the importance of Inbound Marketing – the only marketing approach that will truly empower your business to grow engagement with prospective, current, and previous customers.

HubSpot is entirely built upon the Inbound Marketing methodology. This award-winning all-in-one software allows you to do everything you need to get found online, engage new people, and nurture them all the way till the purchase. But the cool thing about using HubSpot for eCommerce goes beyond just being able to do everything from one place only.

With HubSpot, you can have:

  • Beautiful and engaging follow up emails to win back your customers (cart abandonment, post-purchase, welcome emails, etc)
  • Responsive landing pages to deliver a customized shopping experience
  • Comprehensive analytic dashboards to track your ROI
  • A hub to create search engine-friendly (and user-friendly) content to convert website visitors into paying customers
  • Much more!

Looking For an eCommerce Hubspot Agency?

Want to talk with a Hubspot partner who specialises in eCommerce?

We’re an eCommerce digital agency who are also Hubspot partners, so let’s chat!

HubSpot eCommerce Agency

We’ve already mentioned how great Hubspot is, and how powerful it can be for eCommerce. Due to their amazing branding & how great they are for inbound, basically HubSpot = Inbound Marketing, right?

However, Hubspot isn’t cheap it’s power comes in part from the amount of amazing features it has, but this also means complexity. It could be the case that not ALL of Hubspot’s features are right for you, but how do you know which are, which are not, and how to implement things in the most efficient way?

Get this wrong, and you risk throwing money in the bin.

See, like any tool, for Hubspot to work well for your eCommerce store and deliver REAL results, you need three things:

  1. An excellent knowledge of the Hubspot platform
  2. A solid grounding in eCommerce strategy
  3. A lot of experience in inbound marketing

Even then, you’ll only get the best results if you throw in:

  • A copywriter
  • A designer
  • An SEO to ensure best SEO practise throughout
  • An email marketer to help split-test and iterate emails

If you don’t want to hire a whole team of specialists, your other option is to work with an eCommerce marketing agency, one who specialises in eCommerce and is also a Hubspot partner. That’s us, pleased to meet you.


How We Can Help

Simple. We’re HubSpot partners and also a specialist eCommerce agency.

So, not only will we help ensure your Hubspot account is set-up properly and syncs as seamlessly as possible to your eCommerce site, we’ll also create amazing campaigns within your Hubspot account that are SPECIFIC TO ECOMMERCE, as that’s what we do.

We’ll create your eCommerce campaigns, iterate and test, and go on managing these campaigns to increase your revenue and profit.

The campaigns we create can:

  • Recover abandoned baskets
  • Increase revenue per customer
  • Drive repeat sales
  • Power & boost your holiday marketing campaigns
  • Gain positive reviews for your products & business


Want to Know What Hubspot Can Do For Your eCommerce Biz?

Reading content on a website can be boring (no matter how hard our copyrighters try!). So if you’re interested in learning how HubSpot can improve your eCommerce results, let’s talk!

HubSpot for Woocommerce

We ❤️ Woocommerce, however if you’re not using an eCRM and marketing automation you may be leaving money 💷 on the table!

One of the GREAT things about Woocommerce, is that it’s Open Source and has a ton of integrations.

Thing is though, not all integrations are the same. Sure, you can opt for a cheaper eCRM & marketing automation tool than HubSpot, but often that requires tying several different systems together for emails, marketing automation, perhaps chatbots, and more. With HubSpot, it’s all under one roof.

When Woocommerce meets HubSout your sales can 🚀 

HubSpot for Shopify

If there’s one thing that every digital retailer wants, is to scale. And scale fast. This is probably why you chose Shopify as your eCommerce solution. The platform allows you to do virtually everything you need to do to sell and grow your businesses effectively, right?

Wait a second… Everything?

As great as Shopify is, it offers limited insights into what your customers are actually doing on-site. At which stage do your customers drop off the purchase process? You’re spending so much time keeping the blog running… But are they reading it? Who is actually opening your emails? This is where HubSpot comes in. As a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, HubSpot allows you to fully understand customer behaviour, and segment your visitor’s list based on their engagement.

With the HubSpot – Shopify integration, you’ll be able track everything that happens from the moment someone clicks on your ad until the purchase and after. Imagine a world of highly effective remarketing campaigns, stunning and personalized emails, conversion-boosting content creation… HubSpot and Shopify is like a match made in heaven!

Thinkable is a specialised Shopify agency and also a HubSpot partner – which means we have the knowledge and experience to enable you to unleash HubSpot’s full potential for your Shopify store. Ready to scale?

So how's it going to work...

Step 1  We’ll have a chat to see what exactly you want to achieve, and how we can help you get there.

Step 2 – We’ll create a complete strategy briefing covering your goals and a structured plan of attack to achieve them.

Step 3 – Once the project is approved by you, it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and implement our game plan!

Step 4 – No, we won’t just send you reports once in a while and disappear. Our dedicated Account manager will be on-hand always to help you!