Nail Shopify SEO & Obliterate Your Competition!

Take your traffic & revenue from ‘meh’ to ‘a-meh-zing!

You’re lost amongst a crowd of over 500,000 active Shopify stores right now. All of them are desperate to rank on the first search engine page. That’s because, as you know, page three is where businesses go to die.

Page one, however, captures as much as 92% of traffic. So, it’s essential that you rank high. And, SEO is the tool that makes that happen.

But eCommerce SEO is not just about ranking for keywords. Keyword and searcher intent, head vs long-tail keywords, and the overarching Shopify SEO strategy are also key to success.

Famed for how user-friendly it is, Shopify comes crammed with features that make the SEO fundamentals easy to take care of. However, fundamentals only get you so far.

If you want your site to see more traffic than the M25 motorway and watch it rise to the top of the search results, while you smile like a Cheshire cat as your sales figures reach dizzying heights…

That’s where we come in.

It’s not S(E)O simple!

Shopify, despite being a great eCommerce platform, isn’t without challenging, labour intensive pitfalls.

Surprised? Here’s what we mean:

Forced URL structure

Shopify automatically canonicalizes its URL structure. That means the internal link hierarchy is poor for technical SEO. Shopify’s URL structure, collections (categories) can’t have parents, and if you force this in breadcrumbs, the parent category doesn’t strictly exist. Not ideal! So if your site contains a collection, for example, you can’t select a parent collection for it. Each collection exists on its own, it doesn’t belong to a parent collection on a native level. So you can use the header navigation to add hierarchy, but only on the navigation level, which won’t affect the collection hierarchy at all.

No access to robots.txt

Shopify doesn’t allow store owners to edit their robots.txt file. This is bad news for your SEO because the robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages of your site to crawl. Luckily, we know a few ways around this problem.

Themes cause trouble

Most people don’t realise their chosen theme affects the technical side of their site. You could have two sites with identical content, but if each had a different theme they would face separate tech problems. Big issues can arise from a seemingly simple design choice.

Apps galore

The Shopify App Store is jam-packed with 1000s of third-party apps that let you perform almost any functionality you can think of. It sounds great. And, it is. Unless you don’t understand how they can drastically affect your SEO, bloat your code and slow down your page load times…even after you uninstall them.

The result of these problems is a low usability score and poor user experience – two key SEO factors. A whopping 90% of shoppers will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in a reasonable time, and go on to buy from a competitor.

The bottom line? You miss out on sales and slide further down the SERPs.

So what’s the solution?

You reap what we SEO. Here’s how we help you…

Explode your visibility, rise through the rankings and start making sales as you’ve never seen before.

We’re eCommerce digital marketing & SEO specialists. We know this game inside and out. Taking eCom businesses from page five misery to creating full eCommerce SEO campaigns that blend technical know-how with creative thinking, then pair this with excellent execution is what we do. The result? A soar not just in organic traffic, but in organic traffic that’s primed to convert (this is where searcher intent and content matching come in!)

We bring together our experience, our technical know-how and our creativity to create successful and original Shopify SEO campaigns.

So, we’ll have your site fully optimised and an SEO strategy perfectly aligned in no time. Use our full-service campaigns or add in conversion rate optimisation and inbound marketing campaigns to get the perfect mix of organic traffic, sales, and repeat custom!

Our Shopify SEO services include detailed situation analysis, competitor research, keyword research, content review, technical SEO, On-page SEO, link building, SEO analytics and more. Tap below if you’d like a hand with any of it!