Thinkable’s Server is Powered by Hydroelectricity!

Whilst it costs us a little extra, our site is hosted on a dedicated server with Hetzner, in Germany.

The entire datacentre is powered by 100 percent carbon dioxide-freeĀ  Hydroelectricity, so you can relax when visiting our website – scroll away, you’re not harming the planet!

More info on Hetzner’s servers.

No Power-Hungry Office Either!

Many digital agencies go in for flashy city-centre offices, with the likes of air hockey machines, vending machines, and more.

As Thinkable is a 100% remote agency, we don’t have any of these power-hungry trappings.

What’s more, most of our staff use laptops… which draw far less power than desktop beasties!

Don’t worry though, we’re a connected team using tools like Slack and Zoom constantly. We’re efficient, organised, highly effective… and sustainable!

No Commute = We Don’t Pollute!

Again… we’re 100% remote, from Mike the director to Beth the lead account manager, and every one else!

This means zero commute, which means zero pollution getting to work.


Why We Work With Ethical Clients…

Simple… if a brand is ethical, we want to help them grow!

We believe in being ethical & so aim to only promote businesses that feel the same! We like to really get to know our clients, their story, and their ethos.

There’s loads of agencies out there vying for clients, but Thinkable is a little different… we’re picky!

We’re only want to work with ethical brands or eCom stores that sell ethical, sustainable, and eco products. That way, we work with clients we absolutely want to succeed for ethical reasons, not just monetary ones.

Always Can Do More…

We care. So we’re constantly looking at new ways that we can be more sustainable. Expect more soon.

For now, as a recap:

  • Our server is 100% powered by Hydroelectricity
  • We don’t have a power-hungry office, all staff are remote
  • No commute = no pollute
  • We’re always looking at how to be more sustainable

Looking For Effective Ethical eCommerce Marketing?

We try hard to be as ethical as possible, and we love to work with brands and eCom owners that do that same!